Street Jazz, Jazz Dance & Lyrical Jazz Classes for Kids

At the Center you will be taught in English by professional dancers that come from English speaking countries all over the world. The Center has two locations in Prenzlauer Berg only a short distance apart from each other. Please make sure to check which Studio your class is at. 


Dance Classes for Children & Teenagers


Jazz Dance for ages 5-7 years

Thursdays 5:30 · Studio 1

Jazz Dance for ages 8-10 years

Saturdays 9:30-10:45 · Studio 2

Jazz Dance for ages 10-13 years

Tuesdays 5:30pm · Studio 1

Lyrical JAZZ for Teenagers

Thursdays 6:15pm · Studio 2

Street JAZZ for ages 10-13 years

Fridays 5:15pm · Studio 2

Street JAZZ for Teenagers

Fridays 6:45pm · Studio 2

Try a class for 10 Euro.
Contracts & Fees

Class Descriptions & Requirements

Jazz Dance This class focuses on the basic techniques of jazz dance and style. The children will learn age appropriate positions, steps, jumps, leaps, turns sequences and combinations, as well as the correct vocabulary and terminology. These will be strengthened and continued throughout the year leading to natural progression of a higher level which we will then then build upon. Jazz dance is a great way to improve posture and body awareness, gain strength and flexibility, develop co-ordination and balance, encourage rhythm and musicality. This class will give children the opportunity to be creative in a structured weekly class and a fun environment.
Lyrical Jazz is a style of dance created from a mix of jazz and contemporary dance techniques. Choreographies are made to modern music with lyrics to inspire movements and to express strong emotions while interpreting the lyrics of the chosen song.
Street Jazz / Commercial Dance is a class focused on the popular urban cultural style of dance that will introduce moves featured in today’s popular music videos. It teaches fast and energetic dance routines, suitable for kids and teenagers with little or no experience in dancing. Street Dance classes will require a free style dance outfit and dance sneakers. Outdoor sneakers are not allowed in the studio.

Try a class & Our Live Schedule

Our weekly classes are continuos - join in at any time. To try a class all you need to do is register in our  Live Schedule.  No online payment is needs, just please bring 10 Euro when you come to class. The schedule will not let you sign up when we are on vacation and you can also check if the regular teacher is teaching the day you wish to come. If the “Sign UP” button does not appear next to the class you would like to join, try a different date. The class may be full on that day or the kids may be rehearsing for a show.

Class Uniforms & Dress Code

Dress code helps to create a concentrated and safe environment in class.  Download the Dress Code pdf