English for Kids

Language Learning through Activities
The two-for-one approach

Motivation is a key to successful language learning. This is why we offer our students a wide variety of activities to choose from (dancing, acting, singing). Our classes are designed to suit different language levels ranging from total beginners to fluent speakers. Taught by experienced native English speaking instructors our classes instill enthusiasm and active participation and thus create a genuine, immediate motivation to use and learn English. Studies have confirmed that this two-for-one approach can be highly effective. Informal language learning through communicative and content-based instruction and activities also improves comprehension skills, vocabulary, and communication competence.

Our English Language Classes

Our intensive English language classes are structured and taught in small groups. We also have a program designed especially for children with a bilingual background. At The Center we help them improve their speaking skills and later their literacy skills or we prepare them for their language assessment test in the international school.


English Basics 1
4-7 years

Saturdays 10:00-11:00am · Studio 1
A class for children with little or no English.
We focus on understanding and speaking skills.

English Basics 2
8-11 years

Saturdays 9:00-10:00am · Studio 1
A mixed level class for children that are learning English.
Although our focus is on understanding and speaking skills we may also introduce and practice reading and writing in English.
Current Course English Basics:
Sep 1, 2018 - Jan 26, 2019
(not on October 20 & 27, November 3 and December 15)
Small groups. Courses include 12 sessions. 
Next Course English Basics 1 & 2:
Feb 16 - May 25, 2019
(not on April 13, 20 & 27)
Fee: 216 euros
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Try a class for 18 Euro.

Speaking Skills / Test Preparation
4-7 years

Saturdays 10:00-11:00am · Studio 1

In this class we focus on improving your child's confidence in speaking English. 
Your child will participate in age-appropriate preschool activities, storytelling and games while we practice sentence structures and advanced vocabulary. Children are encouraged to speak in full sentences.
Classes are structured and taught in a small group. They are suitable for children with a good level of English, e.g. children with a bilingual (German / English) background who are preparing for their English language assessment test in international schools.

As your child is practicing to be confident without you around we kindly ask you not to sit in class, but to drop your child off and come back right BEFORE the end of the class to pick him or her up. We are happy to give you feed back after class.
Please note, that as we are teaching in all rooms during this time parents can not stay at The Center during class time.

Current Course Test Preparation:
Sep 1 - Nov 24, 2018

(not on October 20 & 27, November 3)

Literacy Skills
8-11 years

Currently not scheduled · Studio 1
Literacy Skills is designed for children who speak English at home, but are not going to an international school.
At The Center they can learn to read, write and spell in English.
Requirements: completed 2nd grade in a German school or basic reading and writing skills in English



Class Descriptions & Requirements

To find out more about each class check our Live Schedule. Click on the name of class to read the class descriptions, find out about class requirements or check which teacher is teaching on a certain day. 

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