The Center seeks qualified and experienced native English speaking freelance teachers!

If you are a professional ballet dancer, gymnast, acrobat, musical theater person, have been teaching English to children for many years, if you are an actor or actress, dancer or singer we want to hear from you!

Please note that we can only employ teachers with a tax number for freelance work ("Steuernummer" This is not your Tax ID!). We kindly ask that you refrain from sending your application before you have received your tax number or before you have moved to Berlin as we can not keep track of those applications.
Although we can not provide any full or even half time positions we are looking for teachers that are living in Berlin and wish to work with us on a freelance basis for an extended period of time. We only employ native English speakers.

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What do you teach? *
Are you a native English speaker?
Which age groups have you taught?
Please check any age groups that you have more than 40 hours of teaching experience with.
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