Contracts & Fees for Children & Teenagers

How do I sign up?

Most of our classes for children and teenagers require a contract. Contracts are available at our office. Please, come to a trial class first.

For workshops, English-language classes and baby groups you will find details on the fees listed with the class description. For these classes you can register online. 

Monthly Fees & Contracts

1 Class per Week
43 EUR / Month

Each additional class per person
+30 EUR / Month

Each additional class per family 
+38 EUR/Month

Registration Fee
On signing a contract we charge a registration fee of 20 euros.
You can get a contract at your trial session or at the office.


You may change from one class to another without canceling your contract or paying an additional registration fee.

Contracts are long term ...

and can only be signed by those who are registered in Berlin and have a German bank account. Please note that contracts can only be ended on April 30, August 31 or December 31 if  a written notice of cancelation is handed in at least one month before.

Visitors to Berlin

Guests are welcome at The Center. Please, contact us for more details!

Our guest fee in weekly classes for children and teenagers is: 12 EUR per class


Our weekly classes run all year round.
The Center closes for most of Berlin's school vacation time. Please check our vacation schedule for details.

During summer holidays we offer a wide variety of workshops.