Ballet Classes for Adults in English

We love ballet! Ballet is the basis for many different styles of dance. At the Center you will be taught by international dancers in English. We offer open classical ballet classes at 4 different levels, pointe work and also repertoire classes. Join in at any time. All you need to do is register through our Live Schedule.


Open Ballet Classes for Beginners

Ballet Beginners · Level 1 · (75 min)
Ballet Beginners · Level 2 · (90 min)


Open Ballet Classes
Intermediate & Advanced Level

Ballet Intermediate · Level 3 · (90 min)  
Bring your point shoes if you like!

We offer at least 2 classes per week for each level. Please find the schedule in our Live Schedule.
If you are unsure which class is the right one please, check Class Levels & Requirements below.
Your first class at our studio is 10 EUR. A single class card is 16 EUR.
Check our Multi-Class-Cards and online contracts to save up to 30%!

Class Levels & Requirements

Ballet Beginners 1

This class is designed for beginners with some experience, building on the basics of ballet. It teaches foundational steps, vocabulary, and technique and will allow you to gain a good understanding of ballet. Barre and centre work include various exercises created uniquely by our professional teachers to increase strength, mobility, and correct placement. This is the perfect class for your first months (up to a year) of ballet training. Some previous ballet experience needed.

If you have never danced before we highly recommend our Introduction to Ballet Course. Ballet shoes and appropriate dancewear required.

Ballet Beginners 2

A beginner-level classical ballet class suitable for those with at least one year of previous experience in ballet. As we move forward with our technical training in Beginners 2, we are able to utilize our knowledge in vocabulary and technique through slightly more challenging exercises, choreographies and variations.

To join this class you should be familiar with the following steps: all 5 positions (both arms and legs), demi plié, grand plié, relevé, rond de jambe, grande battement, one leg balances, développé, sous-su, pas du bourrée, balancé, piqué, and soutenu.

Join a friendly, non-competitive ballet class that will help you improve your technique and build up strength. Previous ballet experience, ballet shoes and appropriate dancewear are required.

Ballet Intermediate

This class is a full 90 minute intermediate ballet class designed for those with several years of ballet experience. By having a deeper understanding of ballet technique, we are now able to utilize what we have learned through longer, faster and more complicated exercises and combinations.

To join this class you should be familiar with the following steps: frappé, rond de jambe en l'air, changement and échappé, pirouette en dehors, pique turns, tombé, glissade and grand jeté.

Join a friendly, non-competitive ballet class that will help you improve your technique and build strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Several years of previous ballet experience, ballet shoes and appropriate dancewear required.

Pointe Work is an optional part of the class, recommended for students who have had at least two years of recent ballet training or for those returning to ballet after a break.


Class Uniforms & Dress Code

There is no uniform for the adults. Please come in appropriate dance wear. Ballet classes will require a leotard, ballet tights, soft ballet slippers and your hair in a bun. (Don’t worry - You will not need all this to try the class.)