Musical Theater Classes for Children & Teenagers

Join our Musical Theater class and life is a song! Musical Theater teaches vocal, dance and acting skills, in a creative, supportive and age appropriate way. Dance and sing to musical songs from worldwide hit shows, learn original song texts and how to perform like a Broadway star!
Classes involve learning the lyrics to a song, physical and vocal warm ups, Jazz Dance technique and learning a dance routine. Along the way older children and teenagers will learn to improve their singing technique, through breath control, articulation of consonants, body posture, and vocal range. Come along and impress your friends and family at our recital!


Musical Theater Classes in English

Musical Theater for ages 3-5 years
Thursdays 3:45pm · Studio 1

Musical Theater for ages 5-7 years
Wednesdays 5:00pm · Studio 1

Musical Theater for ages 8-10 years
Wednesdays 5:45pm · Studio 1

Musical Theater for ages 10-13 years
Saturdays 11:00am · Studio 2 · 75 min

Musical Theater for Teenagers
Saturdays 12:30pm · Studio 2 · 75 min

Try a class for 10 Euro.

Contracts & Fees

Class Descriptions & Requirements

To find out more about each class check our Live Schedule. Click on the name of class to read the class descriptions, find out about class requirements or check which teacher is teaching on a certain day. 

Try a class & Our Live Schedule

Our weekly classes are continuos - join in at any time. To try a class all you need to do is register in our  Live Schedule.  No online payment is needs, just please bring 10 Euro when you come to class. The schedule will not let you sign up when we are on vacation and you can also check if the regular teacher is teaching the day you wish to come. If the “Sign UP” button does not appear next to the class you would like to join, try a different date. The class may be full on that day or the kids may be rehearsing for a show.

Class Uniforms & Dress Code

Dress code helps to create a concentrated and safe environment in class. It helps instructors correct posture and spot acrobatic exercises safely. Musical Theater classes will require a dance outfit, dance shoes and your hair in a tight ponytail. (Don’t worry - You will not need all this to try the class.)  Download the Dress Code pdf