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Located in Berlin's charming Prenzlauer Berg, The Center is a genuine international activity center in the heart of Berlin where children and young people can take classes in ballet, dance, acrobatics, musical theater, acting an more. Our classes are taught exclusively in English. The members of our team come from English-speaking countries all over the world.

Tanz, Gesang, Theater & Akrobatik Unterricht auf Englisch!

The Center ist Berlins einzige Schule für Darstellende Künste und Englisch. Wir haben 2 Studios in Prenzlauer Berg und ein vielfältiges Kursangebot für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene. Unsere Kurse finden ausschliesslich auf Englisch statt und eigenen sich auch zum Englisch lernen. Unsere Kursleiterinnen und Kursleiter sind englische Muttersprachler aus aller Welt.

Come by and enjoy being part of our international crowd! 

If you speak English – The Center is the place to go. If you are learning English – we are happy to help you reach you goals.

Mach mit!

The Center ist ein idealer Treffpunkt für internationale und englischsprachige Familien und für alle, die Englisch lernen und sprechen möchten.


Modern Dance Styles

Street Dance, Lyrical Dance, Jazz Dance, Contemporary Dance, Commercial Dance and Theater Dance classes are offered at The Center for children, teenagers and adults.


Street Dance / Commercial Dance

Street Dance is a class focused on the popular urban cultural style of dance that will introduce moves featured in today’s popular music videos. It teaches fast and energetic dance routines, suitable for those with little or no experience in dancing.


Modern Dance Styles for Adults

For adults we offer Street Dance, Lyrical Dance, and Contemporary Dance Classes. Find out more about each style, teachers, schedule and requirements by clicking on the links above.


Modern Dance Styles for Children

For children and teenagers we offer Street Dance, Lyrical Dance, Jazz Dance and Musical Theater Classes. Find out more about each style by clicking on the links above.


Ballet Classes


At the Center you will be taught by international dancers and trained ballet teachers in English. We offer open classical ballet classes at different levels from total beginners to advanced student. Join in at any time.


Ballet for Total Beginners

This 6-week course is an introduction to ballet designed for those who have not done ballet before and would like to give it a try. You will learn ballet vocabulary, positions and basic steps and jumps.


Open Ballet Classes

We offer open classical ballet classes at different levels from beginners to more advanced students and with various payment options. Join in at any time. Your first class at our studio is only 10 Euro. 


Children's Ballet Classes

Starting at age 3 with pre-ballet we learn basic ballet positions in a fun way. From age 5 children will be introduced to barre and center. Stronger students can start with point work from age 12. Try a class!


2 Studios - 2 Locations 

Studio 1 and Studio 2 are not at the same location! The Center has two locations in Prenzlauer Berg only a short distance apart from each other. Please make sure to check which Studio your class is at. Get Directions


Studio 1

The Center
Esmarchstr. 5
10407 Berlin


Studio 2

The Center
Mülhauser Str. 6
back yard / ground floor
10405 Berlin


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If you have any more questions please give us a ring 030.40048440 or write an email. We are glad to help you. 



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