Salsa Dance Class in English


Salsa is a popular form of social dance that originated in the Caribbean. At the Center you will be taught by international dancers in English. Join in at any time. All you need to do is register through our Live Schedule. 

Salsa Dance Class · PartnerinG
Wednesdays 7:15pm (75 min)

In this class we will work on partnering footwork, technique, stylization and rhythm! As you expand your arsenal of moves you’ll gradually become a more versatile social Salsa dancer. No partners required for this course, we will pair up in class and get moving!
Requirement: All levels welcome. Ballroom Shoes, Jazz Shoes, or Indoor Sneakers 

Salsa Dance Class · Stylization for Women
Tuesdays 7:45 pm (75 min)

Salsa Stylization is geared for the more Feminine Audience to allow space for her to feel comfortable expressing her sensuality, body, and and uninhibited personality. This class will be focused on the basic footwork of Salsa with an emphasis on Stylization. In a group we will be working on rhythm, coordination, body isolations and feeling comfortable moving our hips all within the Salsa vocabulary. Come and learn some sassy Salsa choreography and some "shines" that can be useful during social dancing. All genders & levels welcome.
Requirement: Ballroom Shoes, Jazz Shoes, or Indoor Sneakers

Andrea Rodriguez

Andi began her salsa training at Millennium N’ Motion dance studio in Los Angeles, California . At the age of 11 she joined Millennium’s performance and competitive salsa team the “Latin Shakers.” While on the team she performed at various salsa events including the Los Angeles Salsa Congress and at the GRAND Performances in Los Angeles. During her time at The Boston Conservatory she continued to develop and refine her technique and stylization with her teacher and mentor Mila Thigpen. Andrea’s experience with salsa social dancing began on the East Coast in Boston and New York... Now Andrea is eager to bring her knowledge and experience in Salsa and other forms of dance to The Center in Berlin.


Please check our Live Schedule for days and times.
Your first class at our studio is 10 EUR. A single class card is 16 EUR.
Check our Multi-Class-Cards and online contracts to save up to 30%!


Class Uniforms & Dress Code

There is no uniform for the adults. Please come in appropriate dance wear.  Ballroom Shoes, Jazz Shoes, or Indoor Sneakers