Jazz Dance & Commercial Dance Classes for Adults

Jazz DancE Classes

Get ready to really move. This modern jazz dance class explodes with energy. With music styles ranging from pop to show tunes, this class provides solid technical training while exploring some of the many different jazz styles. We offer Jazz Dance · Level 1  (for beginners) & Jazz Dance · Level 2 & 3 (for advanced and intermediate students)

Commercial DancE Classes

Commercial Dance is a strong and sexy style with elements of street dance, hip hop and jazz dance similar to styles seen in music videos for Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Rhianna. In our classes routines will be danced to the latest pop and chart music. All classes start with a cardio, abs and stretching warm up, before going into learning a hot and energetic dance routine. Classes are taught at an intermediate level - all levels are welcome. This class is recommended for older teenagers (16+) and young adults.

At the Center you will be taught by international dancers in English. Join in at any time. All you need to do is register through our Live Schedule. 


Please check our Live Schedule for days and times.
Your first class at our studio is 10 EUR. A single class card is 16 EUR.
Check our Multi-Class-Cards and online contracts to save up to 30%!


Class Uniforms & Dress Code

There is no uniform for the adults. Please come in appropriate dance wear.  Jazz classes will require a free style tight fitted dance outfit and Jazz dance shoes. Commercial Dance classes will require a free style dance outfit and dance sneakers that are strictly for for indoor use only. Outdoor sneakers are not allowed in the studio.