Ballet for Teenagers

We love ballet! Ballet is the basis for many different styles of dance. At the Center you will be taught by international dancers in English. We offer classical ballet classes for total beginners and advanced students. Join in at any time.


Ballet Classes for Teenage Dance Beginners

Ballet for ages 13-16 · beginners
Wednesdays 5:15pm · Studio 2

Open Ballet classes

These classes are open to teenagers from 15 years and adults.

Ballet Beginners · Level 1 · (75 min)
Ballet advanced Beginners · Level 2 · (90 min)
 Ballet Intermediate · Level 2&3 · (90 min)  
*Level 3 requires a few years of recent ballet training. 

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Try a class for 10 Euro.

Class Descriptions & Requirements

To find out more about each class check our Live Schedule. Click on the name of class to read the class descriptions, find out about class requirements or check which teacher is teaching on a certain day.