Musical Theater Week

  • THE CENTER Studio 1 Esmarchstraße 5 10407 Berlin Germany

Mo-Fr 18:00-19:30 · Studio 1 · 85 EUR

Sammy's Adult Musical Theatre brings together all three facets of performing arts: acting, singing and dance, in a fun and supportive environment.Experience the magic of musicals as you learn to perform a group musical number and feel like a Broadway star!

with Sammy Harris-Hughs

Sammy is a professional dancer, dance teacher and Pilates instructor with extensive experience in all areas, originally from Australia.
She received her dance training and teacher training at one of Australia’s biggest and most highly respected dance schools – The Conroy Dance Centre. As a professional performer, Sammy has worked in several countries around the world in various musicals and shows including “We Will Rock You” – Germany/Austria/Switzerland, “Mamma Mia!” – Australia, and Universal Studio Japan as well as just recently “Tanz der Vampire”.