Girls Commercial Dance

  • THE CENTER Studio 2 Mülhauser Straße 6 10405 Berlin Germany

Mo-Fr 18:00-19:30 · Studio 2 · 85 EUR

Commercial dance can be anything you might see on tv, in a pop video or even at a fashion show! Join Michael and work on a sassy, modern combination focusing on performance, attitude, energy and of course lots of fun! 

With Michael Byrne

London born Michael has enjoyed a successful career since graduating from Bird college 16 years ago! His diverse career has taken him to many countries, some of which include New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, Austria, USA, and Italy to name a few! It was 13 years ago that Michael landed in Germany following an opportunity to perform in the German premiere of 'We Will Rock You' Cologne. After this Michael went on to work for the record breaking show 'Starlight Express' in Bochum, Germany for 10 years as the Dance Captain. He was responsible for casting, teaching and training the performers to dance on skates, as well as keeping the show looking its best. Since last June Michael has pursued his ambitions of introducing a new unique dance style on skates and travels Europe taking workshops based on his video concepts and creative ideas.
Feel free to check out his professional Homepage for more details: