Street Jazz / Commercial Dance for Adults

Street Jazz is a class emphasizing style, rhythm, musicality, and performance. From the warm-up to the combination, each class is designed individually to touch on a variety of urban/commercialized dance styles as seen in today's popular music videos. These styles include Jazz, Hip Hop, Street and Commercial Dance. Through smooth groves and energetic hits, the students will gain strength, confidence, and body awareness all while a great time in the process. The class is taught at an intermediate level, though all levels are welcome. 
At the Center you will be taught by international dancers in English. Join in at any time. Your first class at our studio is only 10 Euro. All you need to do is register through our Live Schedule.


Street Jazz Class

Mondays 7:15pm · Studio 1


Please check the live schedule! 
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Your first class at our studio is 10 EUR.

Payment Options

Try a class & Our Live Schedule

To avoid disappointment and help us plan our classes we kindly ask you to signing up for your class in our Live Schedule. Your registration helps us contact you if the class is moved or (in very rare cases) needs to be canceled.

Class Uniforms & Dress Code

There is no uniform for the adults. Please come in appropriate dance wear. Street Jazz classes will require a free style dance outfit and dance sneakers that are strictly for for indoor use only. Outdoor sneakers are not allowed in the studio.